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Nutrition + Mindset

What does sustained health look like for you?

Are you ready to feel cleansed and energized?

Are you ready for increased JOY and PLEASURE? 

Are you ready to reduce the stress and work with your natural cycles to feel your ABSOLUTE BEST?

I am actively helping women take their power back!  I'm not your ordinary wellness coach.

I will help you achieve your desires and goals whether that be overcoming anxiety, eliminate PMS, weight goals, habit changes, emotional support, more energy, more confidence or more self-love.  


I want to see you shine and achieve all that you can dream of! Why? Because I know it's possible! 

Success Stories

Wendy, Artist

The most significant overall change I have noticed since working with Haunani has been my confidence.  Haunani gave me the tools to achieve my goals in a small amount of time.  By being able to achieve my goals, I was driven to do more for myself.  By investing in myself, I felt great in my skin and a new confidence was building. I have changed my outlook on what’s attainable and accept challenges instead of suppressing them. I would recommend Haunani to anyone interested in wanting to enrich their lifestyle.  With Haunani’s positive energy and guidance, I am confident that she will make a significant change in anyone willing to do the work to invest in their overall health and wellness.

I have received compliments from my friends and family about a “change” in my being in the last six months.  They have noticed a light or glow coming from within me and a confidence that is beaming. Very thankful for the time I spent with my health coach and getting to know myself a little better.

Melissa, Student

My time working with Haunani was a blessing.  At the beginning of our 8 months together I was working full time, juggling some creative side projects & just about to return to school full time as an adult.  It was a time when I could have said, I can’t add one more thing to this plate, and I almost did say that.  But in hindsight that’s the time when you really need to have someone supporting you, guiding you, and holding you accountable.  My emotions were all over the place, my diet was one of convenience not quality, and I just felt stretched.  
Haunani helped me get clear on how I wanted to feel mentally as well as physically; she pointed me towards attainable daily tasks that helped me from the inside out.  Her approach is gentle, encouraging and extremely helpful.  She works with you to discover your own innate wisdom, all while informing you with her knowledge of wellness including food, essential oils, yoga & dance.  I would recommend her to anyone who feels either stuck, or just on the precipice of change or even something you can’t put your finger on.  If you’re open and ready to expand, work with Haunani today! 


Holistic Health Coaching 

& Integrated Nutrition

Thrive and live a lifestyle that supports your Desires that feels organic and sustainable.


As a Holistic Health Coach, I help others find clarity and focus, build confidence and courage to improve all areas of their life.


Work with Me

Reach your goals in a sustainable way!

What you will receive and gain:

  • 1:1 Personal Coaching Sessions with me 

  • Create your map to a Good Life

  • Personal Transformation and Growth

  • Next level Mindset

  • Whole body balance with Primary and Secondary Food

  • Achievement of your goals and desires in a sustainable way

  • Gut and Hormone Support: All Natural Remedies 

  • Reduce and Eliminate PMS symptoms

  • Guided self healing with an inside out approach

  • Welcome Self-Care Package mailed to your door step

  • Consistent Email Support 

  • Accountability and Guidance

  • Books

  • Handouts 

  • Recipes

  • and More

Sustained Holistic Health

Are you ready to get started on a journey of transformation and map out your Good Life? Receive individualized support and guidance to a balanced life that will bring you to all around greater health, more energy, habits you love, more confidence and increased self-love.  You will be surprised with with the results!  I will give you my 100%, and when paired with your 100%, that's a 200% impact on your wellness.   Seriously, you're going to feel amazing! Message me and let's get started.

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What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a guide who offers nurturing support to his/her clients during their own health journeys. While focusing on goals and priorities a health coach will facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior change by motivating them to implement healthy habits in their lives and to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values and strengths and transform their goals into action.

A health coach is your partner in success. It is their job to assist you in creating and implementing your success plan, so you can become the best that you can be.

How are Health Coaches different than other health practitioners?

HEALTH COACHES-address the root cause and guide clients in holistic healing, addressing all areas of life.

Nutritionists-give you a list of foods to eat and a list of foods to avoid. Most people already know this, but they haven’t been able to actually do it.

Doctors-don’t generally address the root cause of the symptoms but instead prescribe a pill or other quick fix.

Therapists-don’t typically provide clear action steps or address food in relation to mood.

What is Primary and Secondary Food?

Primary foods are relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity. Secondary foods are the foods that we consume. When primary food is stable and fulfilling, your life nourishes you, making what you eat secondary.