Three Women

Stepping onto a brand new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation which is not nurturing the whole woman.
-Maya Angelou

Mindset+Nutrition for an 
abundant life!

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" - Hippocrates 

Nutrition starts with what we put in our bodies and it starts with the basics of food, however 

it also includes how we think and spend most of our time.

I help women get unanxious, follow their intuition and create a life they love.  I want to help you to be the anxiety-free goddess and badass self you are at your true  essence.

Let's work together to find that natural healing force within you.  

Client Testimonials

"I struggled with digestion since I was a child, and Haunani helped me to overcome this struggle. Now that I eat better, I feel better, and that glow radiates from within. I am now more loving, compassionate, and mindful to myself, which helps me to be that in all of my relationships. I found a brand new kind of me, a brand new kind of free, itʻs a brand new time for me." ~ZEA

your Life

I help women learn to use their natural rhythms to feel their absolute best! 

This is where nutrition + mindset come together and I will guide you through it all.

Imagine what would happen when...

-You feel more joy and pleasure in your life

-Your anxiety is no longer taking over

-You stress less 

-Your PMS is no longer an issue

-Your skin starts to clear up

-You have habits you love
-You have lots of energy (without needing the caffeine)

-Your relationships blossom

-You simply lose those extra pounds 

-Your food cravings lessen 

My dearest, it's possible and you deserve it!

Are you ready for a Women's coach to show you how to reach your highest potential?

I am here to encourage you, guide + support you, keep you accountable, and celebrate with you! 

Discover what is possible for you

and it will all be in your INEVITABLE future.

Meet Haunani-
Your Nutrition & Mindset Coach

I'm here on this earth to fulfill a purpose and that is to show you what it means to live healthful and soulful in YOUR unique way.


I've had to go through a lot to be the person I am today and to be the person to show you all of your possibilities.  

It's YOUR mind & YOUR energy 
& it's extraordinary!

grew up incredibly shy...painfully shy at times.  But I knew deep down that I was meant for more and I was meant to help others.  But how was I supposed to do that when I could barely talk to others or speak up in groups or have the courage to share my thoughts with others? 

I was stuck. I was full of anxiety.  I was caught up in thoughts that did not serve me. 

But there was always something inside of me pointing me back to my true self and purpose.  I would suppress those feelings, messages and signs with so many things...alcohol, food, sex, drugs, work...but I couldn't run from the truth of who I was.  

Finally, when my health and hormones and relationships were starting to breakdown from the physical and emotional abuse I was doing to my body, I knew it was time to step into my TRUTH and authentic self.  There was no more running from who I truly was.

I was done playing the victim.  

I went on a journey of healing, reflection, release and self discovery to find my true self again and became obsessed with the things I truly loved (again).  I came back to my love of nutrition and health and I became obsessed with HOLISTIC HEALTH- mind, body and soul wellness.  And I am thrilled to have made this my mission to teach others what it means to be living holistically and the connection of the mind, body and soul.

Fairy Lights

Abundance is not something we acquire, it's something we tune into.
-Wayne Dyer